Life is ups & downs, beautiful moments & difficult ones, expected & unexpected experiences… I’m grateful for the twists & turns of life that have brought me to this point & I’m excited to see what the twists & turns of the roads that I will be driving on will bring.

Hi, I’m Kari. I recently had an epiphany, “Create Mobile Office”. And, so I did. I purchased an RV & a wifi hotspot, & away I go. Sofia is the name I’ve given my RV and I travel in the company of my two adorable cats, Geb & Nyssa.

I love traveling, going to music & art festivals, & I’m fortunate enough to work remotely for my job. My sweet little cat, Geb, has failed kidneys (from a medication reaction during neutering), thus needs medications & subcutaneous fluids twice daily. As I contemplated all of these things over Memorial Weekend, I realized I needed a mobile office so I could work on the road, take care of my cats & still experience the life that I want to live.

And so it begins… another chapter in this amazing adventure called life.


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